HVAC Installation

Air conditioning installation is one of our most common service. We are also quick and trustworthy in furnace installation.

air condition service in chicago

HVAC Installation

Air conditioning installation and furnace installation are important services in Chicago’s up and down weather. But though it sounds simple, that is not always the case. This is why calling HVAC contractors Chicago can trust is important. At Air Temp, we have been performing HVAC installation for years. We know what we are doing, so we can get the job done quickly and easily, without issue. When homeowners try to do it themselves or hire inferior contractors, the installation can go wrong. Your equipment can be damaged or it may not be hooked up correctly. In these cases, your heating or cooling system may not reach your entire home. What’s the good of that? When we perform an installation, we guarantee it will be done right.

Whether you have never had an HVAC system in your home and thus need a new installation or your equipment malfunctioned and you need air conditioning or furnace replacement, we are the company for the job. With Air Temp, you will get the best quality service at the best rates in Chicago. We do not believe in gouging our customers. We want heating and cooling to be accessible to everyone, so we offer affordable rates for both the systems themselves and our labor. If those prices are still high, and we know they can be for many, we offer flexible pricing and 0% financing to help soften the blow. Feel free to call us with any questions. We cannot wait to meet and work with you.

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