How To Spring Clean Your HVAC Systems

How To Spring Clean Your HVAC Systems

March is upon us and along with it comes the warmer weather of spring.  Your HVAC system may have run extremely well during the harsh Polar Vortex months but you need to ensure that it doesn’t encounter any small problems that could create bigger problems down the line.  By properly checking your system, you can rely on a nice, cool home this summer when the temps are scorching and all of your HVAC technicians are swamped.

Spring Clean Your System

Not only will these few tips keep expensive repairs at bay, helping your systems maintain high efficiency can go a long way in lowering your monthly bill.  Follow these steps to prepare your system for warmer weather.

  • Clean The Outside Unit – You want to make sure that any debris, such as leaves, branches, dirt and trash, are swept away and that there is at least two feet of clear space around the entirety of your unit.  Cut back any bushes or landscaping they may be edging too close to your outdoor system or potentially fall on top of it.  You can rinse the unit off with a garden hose or bucket of water.
  • Change Air Filters – This is a key factor in maintenance year round so you should be doing it monthly.  There are some air filters that can be changed every three months.  Mark the date on your air filter so you know when it needs replacing.  Changing this not only helps your system run smoother but it enhances the quality of breathable air in your home.
  • Turn On The A/C – Sure, it isn’t quite time to crank your air conditioning but you need to make sure that the system works properly prior to needing it.  By running a quick test, you can better assess if an HVAC technician needs to work on it.  Better to run it in cold weather for 5 minutes to make sure it is okay than to need it in 103 degree weather and it is broken.
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  • Programmable Thermostats – You can install or set these energy saving tools in order to be more energy efficient and to accommodate changes in temperature when you aren’t home.  You can keep the house at a warmer temperature during the day while you are at work and have it set to begin cooling the house more before you get home.  With technology today, you can even control these thermostats via a mobile app or online.
  • Duct Work – Often overlooked, make sure your ducts are clean and free of debris.  If your home feels humid or dusty, you probably need an HVAC company to come clean out your ducts.  Definitely let a professional do this so you don’t accidentally kick up harmful bacteria or allergens into the air.
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Your HVAC system will endure wear and tear over the years so keep in mind that you should have it professionally inspected annually.  An HVAC technician will make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible and will check and clean your fins, evaporator coils and your electrical components.  They will also make sure your refrigerant level is good and that you don’t have any major issues with your outside unit or ducts.
If you keep up on your season checks and have a technician maintain your system annually, you should be able to avoid any major problems and keep things running smoothly.  Spring clean up and checks are important to avoid a broken system in the middle of summer when the temperatures are disastrous.


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