5 Furnace Tips For Winter

5 Furnace Tips For Winter

Visual Inspection – You want to make sure everything is secure.  The venting pipe should be properly angled and it, as well as all other tubes, should be tightly fastened.

Secure Thermostat Wires – Shut the power off and remove your furnace door.  Slightly pull on the thermostat wires to ensure that they are tightly fastened.

Dust / Vacuum – A furnace can begin to run inefficiently if dust, dirt or debris build up.  Use a soft-tipped brush to gently dust inside the furnace.  Do this softly so you don’t damage any of the components.  After the debris has been dusted off, use a portable vacuum or the hose option on your upright to vacuum out the gunk.

Clean The Flame Sensor – You should clean your flame sensor at least once a year.  Simply unscrew the sensor from your furnace and use a very soft cloth to clean it.  You should hold the sensor from the bottom.  Once you have finished, screw it back on and close up your furnace door.

Change The Filter Monthly – Your furnace has a removable, disposable filter that needs to be changed monthly.  Doing this will increase the performance of your furnace and save you money on your energy bill.  Set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar to remember to change it out monthly.

FILTER TIP:  Use a permanent marker or pen to write the date you are replacing the filter right on the corner of the filter itself.  This way you can easily check when it needs to be changed.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing any of the tasks listed above, you might want to call your local Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning technician.  They can perform the necessary maintenance to ensure that your unit is running properly and won’t break down during those cold winter months.  You should always perform this needed inspection in the fall before winter begins but better late than never.

Caution:  If you smell rotten eggs or something equally disgusting, you have a gas leak and need to call your HVAC professional immediately.

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